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Multiple Inlet and Outlet for Room Air Circulating system

Question asked by Muhyi Sulaeman on Jul 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2017 by Ryan Dark

Hi guys
im still new using solidworks, currently im working my final project using solidwork flow simulation to simulate air circulating condition for the room. ruins of old palace, the room of late empress.
the room have large space under the building and several holes, the holes is not buried under earth, the building itself built taller than surroundings. which is archeologist belive it is used for circulating air so make that room above is well quite comfortable (natural air conditioner). some archeologist said the base of the hollow room with the holes,there is water that flow slowly because the place itself around river and embankment.


my focus at this project is, to simulate if such air circulating exist. if with ordinary bay area air flow can make the room quite comfortable.
i need at least 10 outlet temperature and flow mass
#attached the file




the question is,

- is there possible to simulate multiple inlet and outlet?, around 7 inlet (north and west air flow) and 17 outlet ( south,east and above room air flow)
- how to defined the boundary conditions?is that fine to set all outlet become environment pressure?
- how to defined base the hollow room as water?


so far i only found less than 3 either outlet or inlet for reference, is there any ebook or some paper could i use for reference, i appreciate for every lil help, im starting to interest the simulation world


sorry for bad grammar and writing
Ty so much

Muhyi Sulaeman