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Solidworks 2014 stops responding on latest 2017 graphics card once Flow Simulation Analysis is activated

Question asked by Arun Kumar Koralagundi Matt on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2017 by Ryan Dark

This is a problem with new HP Z440 workstation with Nvidia- Quadro P2000 graphics card in it. Tried installing older versions of the card's drivers and versions of other (different model) older graphics card's drivers but had no effect. Is swapping back to an older graphics card the only option (works perfectly fine with old graphics card right now) or has anyone figured out a way to make solidworks flow simulation 2014 work with new graphics card? Thanks.

Problem: Solidworks 2014 stops responding for a minute with pretty much every click once the Flow Simulation 2014 add-in is activated. Once activated almost everything inside solidworks is slow or does not respond. The rest of the windows (Chrome, Outlook...) work fine when this happens. There are no hicups within solidworks until the Flow simulation add-in is activated. The simulation itself was also terrible (haven't looked into it much).

HP Z440 workstation specs: 7th gen Xeon E5-1620, 32GB DDR4, Nvidia Quadro P2000, 2X 250GB RAID 1 (OS).