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Why this sketch is under defined?

Question asked by Habib Ghalamkari on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2017 by Solid Air

Sometimes I feel SolidWorks hates me.

This question may be a little long but bear with me please.


8 out of 10 when I use relations (and not dimensions) to position a Linear Sketch Pattern, although everything seems to be defined, but Solidworks shows the sketch as not fully defined and the lines or points stay blue.


A test part of my situation is attached.

Sketch9 Under M2 Tap stays under defined and in blue.



In this sketch the following relations is set:

( points B & D are the centers of the rectangles in W feature)

  1. Line L1                 -> Vertical
  2. Line L2                 -> Horizontal
  3. Point C & D          -> Vertical
  4. Point B & Line L1 -> Mid point


With this situation, I have three points black and 5 points blue.

If you try to drag a blue point, nothing moves.

Well, if nothing moves, doesn't it mean it's fully defined?

The funny part is if I delete third relation in above list and dimension L2 line, everything goes black.

It means the problem is that the length of this line is not defined. But both ends of this line (A & B) are constrained to the center points of the rectangles.
Isn't it enough?


Well... here's my questions:

  • WE know in a Linear Sketch Pattern all pitches are the same (There is no Vary Pitch parameter). Now why some points are in black and some in blue?
  • Why this sketch is shown under defined? If dragging a point doesn't change its position doesn't it means it's fixed or fully defined?


thanks for any kind of advice.