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How can I use angles as a trigger for event Based Motion Analysis

Question asked by Peter Finger on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by Thomas Voetmann


I am building a Model of a crankshaft drive and I want to trigger sertain events in respect to the crankshaft angle.

I fuigured out that I can add a sensor in form of a measurement, between the surfaces of the crankshaft and the bearings, wich gives me the crankshaft angle. I can then add an alert, when the angle reaches a specific value. This alert can be used as a trigger for an event wich should then accure while the crankshaft is moving.


All of this is gooing very well to the point where I want to define an alert at an angle greater than 180°

I would need the measurement go from 0° to 359° instead of just going from 0° to 180° and then switch directions.


I tried to use a Sketch wich i defined in the context of the assembly, and then adding a sensor wich is sensing the angle in form of a dimension. But the model isn't rebuilt during the simulation process as it it done in animation mode, so the sketch and thus the dimension of the angle never changes until I manually hit the rebuilt button.


I hope you get, what I mean and maybe somebodey has an answer to my problem.

Thanks for reading and best regards!