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ProE Import not working

Question asked by Michael Webster on Jan 12, 2009
Latest reply on May 29, 2020 by Saurabh Makwana
I have received a number of ProE files from a customer and am having trouble importing them into Solidworks

I get the initial popup asking if I want to analyze the file completely or just import geometry, and whichever I select, once I hit OK, the window goes away, and nothing further happens. If I check my task manager, I can confirm that SW is doing nothing.

I have never imported ProE files before, and I cannot verify that these are good files or not (though I have no reason to believe otherwise) - they are all of the format .prt.1 or .prt.2 as well as one .asm.2

Interestingly, I cannot open these files in Solidedge 19 either, though I can generate a logfile for SE - it reports:

LOG: Information: Pro/E File Version : 2900
Error: Error writing X_T file
Error: Translation failed

I would almost expect SE to fail, as the version I'm using is a couple years old, but I have the latest SW 2009 SP1 64 bit. I'm running it on Vista 64

Is there a way to have Solidworks generate a logfile? Any other ideas?