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change equation values in assembly, without overwriting part value

Question asked by Berry Lankhorst on Jul 28, 2017



I have a lot of parts placed in Solidworks PDM. To determine lengths/thicknesses of various profiles, i have used equations.

At this moment i want to create assemblies, with the already drawn parts.

Is it possible to change(or override) and save the values of the equations in the assembly in a way so i do not have to modify the original part?


The reason why i don´t want to modify the original part is because in the near future the are other people who also want to use my parts and i want to make these parts availabe to them in a read-only state. It also is not very practical to make a configuration for each length, thickness and very often other equation values.


I have tried to solve this by myself, but i could'nt find a solution.


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