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    MBD Notes

    Aaron Godwin

      How is everyone handling notes? I want to have notes on the pdf but I don't anyone to be able to edit them, I'd like to have it all buried in the model. I know you can do a notes custom view but I'd like to the notes static on the pdf and available on matter what view you're looking at. My initial thought is to create a variable that can contain all the notes. We don't currently use any smart notes, we just use a text box on the drawing format to display the notes.


      All info is good, and thanks in advance for the help.



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          Nick Pratt

          Hello Aaron,


          Currently there are a few ways to get un-editable notes in the 3D PDFs:

          • Captured 2D Note view
          • Custom Property
          • Text within the template


          All of these methods have their pros and cons.


          From the ones you mentioned the captured 2D note view wouldn’t be static. If you put in an independent viewport and assigned it to this view, the note would be visible regardless of what view the primary viewport is set to but it would slightly increase the file size. Putting the notes in as a custom property would lose any formatting, and couldn’t do special symbols.


          Another option would be to put the notes in the template text. This would mean that the template may need to be updated per model, depending on how general your notes are. Additionally, if you wanted them in the model you would have to add them separately.


          I think it comes down to this:

          • If your notes are general and you don’t mind updating templates/putting in the notes in the model separately  – Put them in a template text box
          • If  you have lots of model specific notes and don’t mind slightly increasing the file size/notes not being static – Captured 2D Note view
          • If  you have lots of model specific notes and can afford to lose formatting and special symbols – Custom Property


          Personally I think putting the notes in the template is the most reliable way to have the un-editable notes in the 3D PDF, but it depends on the situation. None of these meet all your needs, so it probably comes down to which aspects are more important.