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Possible to define a temp, heat flux, or power that varies with position?

Question asked by Justin Smith on Jul 27, 2017
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Howdy folks -


OK not my first post... I have previously lurked under different companies, etc. Many years of experience in Solidworks but I am NOT a thermo expert. I've googled, experimented, looked through the help guides and online resources, and went back a few years in forum posts. Some guy had this question in 2011 but it was not answered.


I'm doing static studies of a simple, small cylinder that absorbs heat from an internal laser and radiates it through it's outer surface. I have access to SW FLOW and SW Simulation. My questions applies to two parts of my problem.


1. I would like to define a power curve such that the heat power applied from the laser varies linearly from a min to max value along the beam dump surface (while doing a little hand jamming to find what those values are, such that the total power applied = some value).

2. I would also like to define a temp or heat flux profile that varies longitudinally from the nose to the tail of the cylinder. If I define a monotonic (is that the right word?) outer surface boundary condition (temp or flux), it essentially acts as an infinite sink and drives the simulation results. 


This seems like a fairly straightforward requirement but I've yet to find a way to do it. I see that SW Sim will allow you to define a heat flux that varies according to a Temperature Curve, but not position or model geometry. It also looks like you can link the value to a parameter, but apparently that is only for doing design studies? We've tried sectioning the surfaces with split lines and applying different heat fluxes and/or temperatures, etc (sort of a piecewise approach) but the results are strange and not yet usable.


Finally, maybe a work around is to define a surface-to-surface radiative load instead?


Any thoughts are very welcome!