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Is anyone else fed up with useless changes to SW? Rant warning!!!

Question asked by Brian Marks on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by Matt Finley

Just got 2017 up and running a few hours ago.  Looks so different!  Why?


Just so we users will have to pay to go to a refresher class?

Because someone thought they'd sell more software if it looked modernized?

Because someone wanted to keep their job, so rather than fix past "enhancements" that have never worked as advertised in the first place, they changed all the icons and the layout of the feature tree etc.just to look busy?


I used to think SW was the greatest thing since sliced bread..... but after 10 years with Dassault pulling stunts like this I'm not only ready to go back to 2D AutoCAD and the digitizer board, I'd gladly go toe to toe with whomever is in charge of these useless time wasting changes every year or so!


Keep bringing us great innovations... as long as they work properly prior to the release date, and fix those from past years that didn't. Otherwise leave it ALONE!!!


Change for changes' sake is not only illogical, its wasteful and IGNORANT!