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Flat Pattern sheet metal in drawing, best method for using angle dimensions

Question asked by Melvin Donahoo on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2017 by Melvin Donahoo

I have a sheet metal radial skin .032" that has a series of radial holes for attaching to a structure. I have created the part using sheet metal and unfolding the part and creating a sketch of the hole pattern then extrude cut and folding the part again. I used a radial sketch of the angles that the holes were to be created and dimensioned the arc length from the end of the part. I then linked that arc length to place the holes in the flat pattern section of the sketch. So if I need to update the part all I need do is update the angle in the sketch and it will flow thru. I used angles as the corresponding radial ribs that the skin attaches to are angularly placed.


I've decided that the best method of showing the hole patterns in the drawing are in a flat pattern using angular ordinate measurements however I have not found a method of actually doing this without overriding the linear ordinate dimensions.


If anyone has a suggestion as to how to accomplish this or an alternate method to show angular dimensions I'd appreciate it.