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Scaling diagram to 1:50?

Question asked by Alex Marshall on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by Alex Marshall

I've been asked to export a diagram to scale a diagram to 1:50 scale, to add a scale bar, and then to export it to PDF. Using Draftsight 2016.


I have almost 0 experience, and exactly 0 training, Could somebody please help?


I've tired using both the Scale and Custom Scale options on the properties panel in sheet view, but it blows the diagram up so large that it goes off the edge of the sheet, or it zooms the entire sheet out to a small rectangle in the middle of the screen.


Currently, I'm using 1 on screen unit to represent 1mm (For example, the window on the side of the building is 1700 units, which is 1.7 real world meters). As this was the default size given to me.


EDIT: I've attached an example of what I need in 1:50. I need to do a whole load of these diagrams, but if somebody could please help me with this one I should be able to do the rest myself.