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Looking for Macro / PDM Task expert to help with PDM Print task

Question asked by Ryan Sullivan on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by Senad Muhovic

I am looking for someone who can possibly be hired to edit the PDM Print task code to include Scale to fit paper option as well as to print only selected configurations of an assemblies components.


-Why I don't want to use Task Scheduler.  Yes, there is a print function, and no it's not what I'm looking for.


     -PDM print is a right click to execute the task, I select an ASSEMBLY FILE, notice I did not say drawing file.  PDM Print task prints all parts with drawings that are references to the assembly selected.  Tons of value/time savings in this.


     -Task Scheduler does allow batch print of an entire folder or from selected files.  The problem with this is that I rarely have all of the parts in one folder and if I wanted to select all drawings to print I don't need to go through task scheduler to do that.