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Part to assembly to G-code help?

Question asked by Mike Hopwood on Jul 26, 2017
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Hi all, seems like a good community here!

I've just been appointed, by default, the role of chief programmer of the CNC department at my company.

This is exciting, but scary! My solidworks experience is basically watching a few YouTube videos and following what they do

to make a simple part.

My question is:  How (step by step would be great) do I take my part I draw, (lets keep it simple to start eg, a 6mm Aluminium 200mm diameter disk flange)

and add a tool path, and nest it to a sheet to be cut on our MultiCam Router?


I know that is a broad question, but that's where I need to start. I have a lot of spare time to brush up on my skills, so any info would be great! Thanks