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Move/Copy Body weirdness

Question asked by Matt Finley on Jul 26, 2017

I'm reverse-engineering a customer supplied VCR gland and using a Swagelok solid model as the base. I have to change the overall length, add the toroid and an angle. When I imported the model and ran feature recognition I realized the length I wanted to change was at origin end of the part that was imported. In keeping with good design intent, logically the origin should be at the other end for my purposes so I re-imported the model and used the move/copy body function to move the solid using the face I wanted and the plane I wanted.


When I tried to run Feature Recognition after the move it yelled at me. So I figured I'd delete the move/copy, run feature recognition then move the sketch to where I wanted it.


Problem is, when I deleted the move/copy it left the original solid in the new location. Granted, this is a win/win for me, but it seems like it should go back where it was originally.


Is this an oversight or is this a planned feature because they knew a numbskull like me was going to do this??