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I keep getting "Missing data necessary for BOM, needs resaving in SOLIDWORKS" Error when trying to check in assemblies. Resaving in Solidworks doesn't fix the problem.

Question asked by Adam Lucas on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2017 by Prasad Bhonsule

I am trying to check in the top level assembly for a project. Every other part / subassembly is checked in and released. However the top level assembly won't check in due to the warning "missing data necessary for BOM, needs resaving in SOLIDWORKS".


- I have resaved the assembly multiple times to no avail.

- I have completely rebuilt the assembly from the ground up, under a different filename and saved it in a different location. I checked it in after adding each part/sub assembly to see if one in particular was the problem. I didn't encounter any issues. Then I moved the assembly to the correct project folder and renamed it. Now it won't check in due to the error!


I've spent close to 2 days trying to fix this and have no idea how something like moving and renaming the file can have any effect on it's BOM information - remember this is the top level assembly only - I haven't changed anything in any referenced files that should alter the BOM data. I also can't find anything on the internet about anyone else having a similar problem.


What can I do to fix this? At the very least is there a way to allow me to ignore this warning and check the file in?