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    Starting point for Rotate in 2D sketch?

    Sava Savov

      I worked with Solid Edge for a couple of years and now I am just whondering why the very base command "Rotate"  in 2D sketch here in SolidWorks is so awkward?!

      Maybe I'm used to another way of working but I still want to ask why there is no "point to rotate from"?

      Can someone tell me how to do the rotation in the example below in SolidWorks (Part/sketch)?

      (The  example is in Solid Edge - sketch in a Part)


      Rotate example.gif

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          Alex Sully

          ok try this.


          1. create the rectangle and the arc as you did
          2. then draw a line from the center of the arc to the one end point.
          3. box select the new line and rectangle
          4. make them a block
          5. the line should have 2 relations one on the center point the other at the end of the arc, delete the one at the arc.
          6. rotate the block by click on a portion of the sketch and moving the mouse
          7. if accuracy is required fix the end points of the arc
          8. grab the point on the block and move it to the arc end point, it will create a relation and be coincident.
          9. explode block or leave as is


          I agree that is crazy.

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              Sava Savov

              Yes, I tried it - can be done that way in this example.

              But the initial conditions can be more complicated and we have to lose time to solve geometric tasks just for this one rotate. 

              As you said, that is no good.

              The command "rotate" must be improved - just have to add "point to rotate from" and "point to rotate to". (Or "angle to rotate from" and "angle to rotate to".)

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                  Erik Bilello

                  SolidWorks likes things to be defined.  So, if you don't already know what the angle of the arc is, measure it, and copy & paste the value into the rotate sketch tool.

                  In all honesty I can't think of a time when I would have needed that particular functionality (or when I last used the rotate sketch tool at all), but it does seem like it might be handy. Submit an improvement request if you find it's something you really need.

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                      Sava Savov

                      OK - i did it that way. It works for this example. But if the point of rotation is not at the center of the arc and I still whant to use the end points of the arc as refferens for starting and final points of rotation, I have to meashure angle wich can be measured only if I draw additional lines. And if I what to do several similar rotations, I have to draw, to measure, to copy, to paste, again and again...

                      I can assure you that that particular functionality is very handy. I was so accustomed to it, that when I tried to do it and did not succeed, I felt like a boxer who has already put on his gloves and is trying to tie his shoes.

                      Of course, if there is no such functionality, a man starts to think in different way and to reach  his objectives by different paths.

                      I see one more very strange thing - there is no "copy" option when rotate!?

                      Or I can't see this option.

                      About the request for improvement, I will look around to find how to do it.

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                  Bjorn Hulman

                  The problem with coming from one piece of software, and expecting the new one to behave the same as the old one is that inevitably it won't. The great thing about SW is that there is always a multitude of different ways to achieve a successful outcome. It's just a matter of getting to terms with the logic of the software.


                  I would use a block as a first point of call. But the circular pattern entities in the attached are quite fun as well and personally I think this is more intuitive than the Solid Edge example you provided. But that's because I've been using SW for 17 years.

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                    Dan Pihlaja

                    One quick unrelated question:

                    How did you create that animated GIF that you are showing?

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                      Hardik Patel



                      Its not that much complicated as you think. Please see the attached photos. You will understand it easily.




                      SW Rotate.pngSW Rotate-1.png