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Routing Flexible Tubing - Route exist but Tube profile is missing

Question asked by Ivan Kalazic on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2017 by Thorsten Kels

Hi all.


I made couple of flexible Tubes with SolidWorks Routing. Then I wanted to replace Axis point i one tube and in other Tube position of the Route and then i both of them Sub-folder Route-parts become completely empty. (an of course i saved those parts through Save-All stupid of me) So i lost Tube as a solid part with that Sweep inside. Only Route (Lines-spline is there/or a Path). When I edit Tube i see Route (Path) and as-well see through-tube around it, but when i exit Editing mode it is like it isn't there but it shows me that Rectangle that something is there in that space. Is there a way to bring that Tube profile back somehow. I tried with Repair option but it does not make Profile to be sweeped through existing Spline-line (Path).

So, to short this up:

In Tube Part i have Path but i lost Profile of that tube and because of that Tube became non-visible.

I need to remake Tube Profile through that existing path (which exist).

I already made BoM of entire machine with more than 10 Tubes in it and 95 Parts completely filed Table of BoM. I don't want to make 2 new Tubes because they will collapse everything (and they are complex looking in 3D because they are avoiding other parts and tubes in their path) and it is kind stupid since i have those parts with everything (including path and Axis), only what is missing is Profile of the Tube.


Please Help.