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FX3700 and Vista64 Issues and Settings

Question asked by David Anderson on Jan 11, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2009 by David Anderson
so far all has been going well, but i have noticed degradation in the system performance as i install software. i have kept it to minimum but there are some programs i've just gotta have onthis machine.

one thing i have noticed lately is after i start solidworks, select file/open SW will hang, and must be killed w/task manager. if it does not hang, then after exiting the open command, i will be left with a ghost image of the "open" menu pick.

i am using the SW Vista64 approved driver for SW08 and SW09.

as for the driver settings, i am using the default base profile which worked fine up until recently.

does anyone have settings for the FX3700 thet are willing to share?

i must admit that the Nvidia control panel is a clouge as it is does not identifiy SW as a program installed on this computer and it is not obvious how to setup the app properly.