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Tracking which subassemblies I've ordered material for.

Question asked by Jason Pavlicek on Jul 26, 2017

Ok so I guess I have more than one question really.  First, we have large assemblies and only order material and commercial items for some subassemblies and we need a way to easily track what parts the material has been ordered for.


Second, we need a way to easily calculate how much time is spent machining each component and how long it stays on each machine in the shop.  (waterjet-1 hr, mill-2 hrs, drill and tap-.5hrs, etc.)  I've looked into SWX costing, and it seems to start in the right place, but I can't change any of the procedures to calculate time.  Having something like this would save us engineers from not manually calculating every procedure for every part for days.


We are a small company with five engineers running SWX 2014.  We don't have PDM or an ERP system.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.