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Where could I find the Solidworks friction coefficient datas reference article

Question asked by Vignesh G. on Jul 26, 2017

Hello all,


Question area : Motion simulation friction coefficient generation



I am currently working in a complex motion simulation of Circuit breakers. So, I would like to know more about the default materials ( like their grades, finish etc) in Solidworks used to generate the friction coefficients combinations. For example, one could see in below dialog box that for contact friction in impact force model, solidworks assigns values for Steel greasy and steel greasy  as 0.08 and 0.05 for static and kinetic friction coefficient respectively.


Solidworks dialog box :



The main confusion here is because MSC ADAMS assigns completely different parameters for the same combination ( Static 0.23 and dynamic 0.16). Which directly affects the motion parameters like velocity and accelerations etc.


Below is the short list of MSC Adams material friction coefficients combinations:



I tried a lot to figure in Solidworks but was unsuccessful. So, i hope someone here would have already faced this issue. So to conclude, I would like to know in depth information of material details in the Soidworks library used for friction coefficients generation, so I  get an idea which material approximation I used.


Thanks in advance