Chris Hairell

Solidworks 2009 SP1 Admin Image Install Problem

Discussion created by Chris Hairell on Jan 10, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2009 by Ricky Gutierrez
I have a Solidworks 2009 SP1 admin image that i am trying to install on my clients workstations. It seems to go fine all the way till the end and even puts the icon on the desktop and then the status bar goes blank and sits there for several minutes and then goes to "Rolling Back Action" and when it is finished it just says "The qizard was interrupted before solidworks 2009 SP01 could be completely installed." I have tried this on 3 different computers and get the same results whether it is a fresh install or an upgrade to there current version. What can i do to get this working or find out what is causing the interruption.