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Solidworks Stability

Question asked by Matthew Gray on Jul 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2017 by Adam Nelson

So, I just wanted to take a minute and let you all know something that happened to me. I was getting really frustrated with Solidworks and if any of you follow me you know I can't be quite blunt about things I don't like about Solidworks. So recently I was having multiple crashes with Solidworks every few minutes. I read a lot online about settings to change and saving often, and "slow clicking" (I hate being told to go slow). Anyway I was arguing with my head engineer about how I needed a new PC or at least a serious upgrade. (Win 7 Pro Sp1, SW 2017 Sp3, 100Gb SSD, 32Gb ram, Nvidia Quadro K2200) With this hardware there should be no reason to experience 10-15 crashes within 4 hours. However after reading one paragraph online a person suggested not just an uninstall but a complete Solidworks wipe and Registry clean. I thought, What the heck...I tried everything else. So I did...let me tell you it has made a world of difference. Before I couldn't even drag and drop parts into my assemblies without a crash. I was Ctrl+S after every command. I did the "wipe" and now SW is running like a race horse and is working just as fast as me. I talked to a buddy of mine and he says he does a "wipe" with every service pack. It takes him a couple hours to reset all his settings because he chooses not to use the copy setting wizard for fear something will carry over. But after doing it, I am a believer. I will update a few times on this post with any "findings" I have. If you are crashing or freezing a lot you should give this a try. Old registry valves could be what is causing all the Solidworks Crashing and freezing witch is why reports will say there is nothing wrong with your hardware or software and you need to slow click. This software can run as fast as you it just needs "cleaned every so often. Just like a race car gets tuned for every race. That is how we should treat Solidworks.