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    Why can't I make a coincident mate here?

    Eric Eubanks

      I'm doing the tutorial for mates. mates.PNG It says here to make a coincident mate with the right plane of the table and saddle. When I try it says it would over define the assembly. I noticed in the tutorial the planes are parallel, but mine are perpendicular. I don't see how I could have put a part sideways here.

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          Tripp Warren

          I can't open your assembly because you have a newer version than I do. However, Over defining means that you already have mates that constrain some object and adding that mate would "over define" it. 


          Also, planes do not always align by definition such as top to top or front to front. It depends on which plane you created the object. The "right" plane of your table may actually be the "front" depending on how the geometry was created. Just try mating it to one of the other planes and see if it aligns correctly.