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    How do YOU save your snapshot & render settings?

    Rich Fagioli

      My (very expensive) product only has 4 appearances, one environment, and a backplate and every time I re-adjust my ouput, I've tweaked at least six of those settings in myriad combinations. But I have to be careful to note my changes so that I can get back to a prior "best" setting. That works OK when you're not multitasking, in which case, remembering what changes you made to THAT image is inversely proportional to the number of projects on a desk.


      A digital camera outputs no less than about 20 different camera and image settings that are embedded as metadata in the final .jpeg and RAW file. It's instantaneous, informative, and precise, allowing everyone access to the same clear data. Sure, Visualize allows saving of textures and camera files, but it's super clumsy and there's no way to write changes to environment parameters. Do you have a clever system for saving multiple changes to your imaging settings from Visualize? Or do you scribble numbers in some cryptic matrix on a sticky note only you can understand?

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          Brian Hillner

          Once you're asking yourself this question, you can consider oneself a Visualize pro-user

          Honestly, I open a simple Notepad doc and then take notes for HDR settings or any other relevant info i'm trying to remember, that might be specific to each camera angle (like HDR rotation). I then save this Notepad file in the same folder as the .SVPJ.


          We've been wanting to hardcode metadata to each render from Visualize to capture this sort of info, but this is a difficult project to complete and other projects with higher priority take precedence.


          I would love to hear from our community on this one. How do you solve this issue Rich described above for yourself??

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              Ron Bates

              I'd like to see us add individual appearance, decal, environment, backplate, and camera settings to Visualize configuration functionality. 


              Until then... I've sometimes done this in Visualize (and other applications that don't have a good built in method) by simply saving the various combinations as another project.  Sometimes, for example, I have a camera angle that requires some tweak to the environment or lighting... then I just save it as "MyProject_Camera2.svpj".  Have another variation?  Save as another copy.  It's quite clunky and wasteful, but it's simple and fairly reliable.  Only bummer is this is really best suited for the very end of the process.  Otherwise if you make some other tweaks (like a geometry or appearance change) you need to propagate that change into each "version" you've saved.  This could make it a non-starter in some cases...

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                  Alan Sweetenham

                  For me if i need to change the environment rotation or brightness etc for a particular view  i copy the environment, then make changes to the copy this can be combined with configs too, the downside is this can make the project size huge if it is a large HDR....


                  I also note there is also a copy & paste settings option on environments, i can't say i've used this much but it does work. For me it would be more useful on appearances (though i suppose they would have to be the same type of appearance to work)


                  copy settings.png


                  use case for me i might have several colour options and if you make a change to one appearance it might be nice to copy it to all the others, not sure if that would.suit richs' work-flow right now i'd copy the appearance, change colour  save to library and reapply (select original in appearance tab then double click new appearance from library)


                  Similarly every time i want to tweak a camera i lock hte original and  copy it just l in case I prefer the original, have to be quite disciplined though.


                  I agree would be nice to have an option a bit like SOLIDWORKS to store those changes for just this configuration, maybe even a toggle between this, all and specify connfigs although i know if you want it to affect all configs you can do so in the base configuration.

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                  Brian Hillner

                  Thanks for the insight, Ron.


                  Another way a Visualize power-user told me was to rename your cameras with the desired HDR rotation setting associated with that camera. Examples:





                  If you have multiple HDRs in your scene, that you want to use in this method, the you might consider: