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How do YOU save your snapshot & render settings?

Question asked by Rich Fagioli on Jul 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by Alan Sweetenham

My (very expensive) product only has 4 appearances, one environment, and a backplate and every time I re-adjust my ouput, I've tweaked at least six of those settings in myriad combinations. But I have to be careful to note my changes so that I can get back to a prior "best" setting. That works OK when you're not multitasking, in which case, remembering what changes you made to THAT image is inversely proportional to the number of projects on a desk.


A digital camera outputs no less than about 20 different camera and image settings that are embedded as metadata in the final .jpeg and RAW file. It's instantaneous, informative, and precise, allowing everyone access to the same clear data. Sure, Visualize allows saving of textures and camera files, but it's super clumsy and there's no way to write changes to environment parameters. Do you have a clever system for saving multiple changes to your imaging settings from Visualize? Or do you scribble numbers in some cryptic matrix on a sticky note only you can understand?