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How to sum the length totals of a part configuration in a bom table?

Question asked by James Fogarty on Jul 25, 2017
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I work with a lot of materials that are inventoried as bulk and cut to size while building millwork fixtures. I believe setting up template parts with configurations for lengths is the way I need to approach this so that I can have multiple sizes in an assembly without needing to make a new part file for each item in an assembly. My problem that I am coming across is that I'm unable to find a way to get a sum of total length for my parts when I create a bom table. In my first example below the part configuration grouping is set to display the parts as separate items. You can see that I have three parts with three different lengths. The second example I have the configuration grouping set to show items with the same name as one item. I left the "Qty Per Asmbly" column in the table so I could see that it was seeing all three parts. Problem is that it is only showing a value of 24 for my GSS_RM_QTY column. I would like it to be a sum of all three items for a total of 39. For a little more info... at the part level I do have the BOM options set to "user specified name" so that the bom table will see all the configurations as the same number. Is it possible for the lengths to total up into one sum?


I have attached a zip of my part, assembly, and drawing.


FYI... also fairly new to solidworks...


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Same name separate items.png


Same name one item.png


BOM Options.png