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Auto-opening part/ changing file paths

Question asked by Chris Lamb on Jul 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by Bjorn Hulman

Hello all,


I've had a look around but unable to find this issue / unsure if I'm using correct terminology to search.


Hoping for a bit of help as I have an issue, using SW16, whereby I'm creating part B by inserting part A and indenting from it which is to make life easier as both part A & part B have multiple configurations.


Now, my folder and naming structure is created through folders but with the name off the part being simply being the part - without a prefix or suffix; so, folder abc/base.sldprt or def/lid.sldprt etc.


My issue is where I have inserted a part from folder abc/base, successfully indented it and created geometry from it - indeed, using the multiple configurations of said part, base. However, when I close the file down all of the files used within the parts have opened and require to be closed (I've read up on that and able to change this, but my issue is slightly deeper).


Now, I have part A which has folder abc/base inserted and indented, however, for reason unknown to be, it has opened folder 123/base and has replaced the inserted part with a completely different part - no longer abc/base but now 123/base which has naturally thrown the geometry all over the place. So, I close the file, electing not to save changes and when I reopen it, it has overwritten the inserted file reference with the other part and the geometry no longer works. I have selected the inserted part's external references which now show the 123/base path file and doesn't allow for me to change it.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!