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Document number unique - except for Drawings?

Question asked by Thymen De Vries on Jul 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by Michael Dekoning

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Question: I need a variable to hold the document number. Value should be unique for each SW part, assembly and drawing, but allow the value for a drawing to be identical to that of a part or assembly. Currently I use two different variables: one for parts-assemblies, one for drawings. But then I have two different columns in my explorer view and I need to manually keep them identical.


I found the PRPSHEET-way, but is there another way, one that does not use SW as an intermediary for exchanging variable values?



I know there are a lot of opinions about part and document numbering. I do not want to start a discussion about that, so here are my thoughts...


Some people advocate the use of different numbers for parts/assemblies and documents. I agree, but....


  1. The physical items, I do not call them 'Part' or 'Assembly', but 'Article'.
    Articles are or may be subject to revision control, the FormFitFeatureFunction rule applies, etc.
  2. To manufacture the articles, one needs documentation: TPD, or Technical Product Documentation.
    TPD can be paper or digital documents and is subject to revision control just like articles
  3. Which TPD items of which revision are linked to particular article revisions..another story
  4. Solidworks parts, assemblies and drawings are all documents.


In my view a part or assembly is just a particular species of document. And for solidworks files I prefer the  [1 part <=> 1 drawing]  and [ one assembly <=> one drawing ] system. It is a simple system, easy to understand and easy to manage.


And for this system I would like the part/drawing and assembly/drawing combos to have the same document number and revision. Versions I do not care about...