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    How to annotate dimensions between welds?

    Chris Lambert

      Just wondering if anyone has a simple way to dimension between welds on a drawing?  I regularly have to manually show caterpillars and end treatments on drawings to indicate welds for fabrication, and one of the critical dimensions is often the "clear" area between welds.  Trying to annotate between end treatments does not work at all, I can select one end treatment but not a second one to apply a dimension between.  Weld caterpillars have the same issue - you can click a weld when dimensioning, but then the only option allowed seems to be showing the weld bead length.  I often have to add sketch lines to the drawing to manually hack this dimension into a drawing, which is time consuming and seems like it should be a fairly standard dimension for any system that handles welds.  Hoping maybe I'm just missing some easy trick or setting to make this annotation easier.


      Any suggestions?