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Create an Auto Balloon style placed on top of the parts with no leader?

Question asked by Luke Woolley on Jul 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2017 by Dan Pihlaja

I've got hundreds of connected panels that need to be numbered. Auto Balloon takes me somewhat in the direction I need to go, but leaves a lot to be desired.


First, when I save a balloon to a style, it doesn't take leader properties with it. This seems crazy to me and prevents the deepest balloon customization options from being stored as styles. I have to go back and adjust these every time I create a balloon, or batch-edit by CTRL+selecting once all the balloons are created. This means one action to create, one action to reset the style how I want it, and another action to adjust its position once the style is set. As opposed to a leader-less balloon as the default style, thus requiring only one action (creation) instead of three.


Second, Auto Balloon has no options to put the balloon on TOP of the parts in the assembly. It forces huge leaders that cut through a dozen panels on the way to the panel they are labeling. This make the drawing ugly and confusing. Is there a way (macros or other tool) to get the number right on top of the part, right where SolidWorks puts the leader when you pick Balloon Layout > Leader Attachment > Faces? I don't want leaders, I just want the balloons right in the middle of these faces.


Thanks for any suggestions.