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Extracting angles between faces in an assembly?

Question asked by Luke Woolley on Jul 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by Luke Woolley

I've got hundreds of angled panels in assemblies that get constructed by using face-to-floor angle, which is currently found manually in the assembly and entered on the drawing. Is there a way to use macros or other tools to extract these measurements without giving an opportunity for human error? The reference plane is always the same (top face of the part "Floor"), but I've only written some really basic macros and this seems beyond me. The best result would have it stored as a Custom Property associated with the part so that it could be accessed via Auto Balloon when making the drawing!


My current "better way" is using a screen recorder to get the "Angle: XX.XX deg" from the bottom toolbar when you select two faces. I can go sequentially using CTRL+Click and play the recording back while typing the angles into the drawing. It's faster than measuring and switching to the drawing for every face, but it still isn't automatic and leaves room for typos.


Thanks for any suggestions.