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    Edit Cut List Length Accuracy

    Kadin Wood

      I want to change the accuracy of the 'length' field in the cut list on a drawing to zero decimal places (our default is one dp).

      I can change the sheet properties, but this will also change all the dimensions already on the drawing; is there a way to edit only the cut list dimensions?

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          Sergio Monti

          Any idea for this, please?

          Does anybody know how to round-off the quantities in the Cut List Table?

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            Solid Air

            If the cut list dimensions are created by SolidWorks then the decimal places are controlled by the sheet properties.  If you created the values by clicking on dimensions in the model then you can set the decimal places in the model.

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              Rob Edwards

              Hi Kadin/Sergio

              Something I have done in the past, that is a bit of a faff but works is to use a BOM to display the Cutlist.  This means that you can use a formula, which allows you to control precision.



              There are a few tricks here.  The first is to use an IF statement to give a blank value if the row is blank, the second is to multiply the column header by 1 to trick SW into recognising the input as numeric but not adjusting the value.  You would then hide the columns you don't want.  Surely there must be a better way, but sharing anyway