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Midpoint Line: It doesn't really act like a "midpoint line"

Question asked by Matt Finley on Jul 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by Matt Finley


Today I extruded a box. In that box I was making a construction line to place some text. I wanted the bottom of the text centered in the box. So I created a midpoint line using the "ghost" lines to direct me to the middle... (you know, when you mouse over a feature and it draws dotted lines so you can easily snap your curser to closest?)


I clicked in the middle of the box and drew my line approx. how long I wanted it then typed the actual length I wanted into the length window (after you second-click the line it puts focus on the length box for a few seconds so you can just type it in).



It changed the length like I wanted to but it kept the left side of the line anchored in place and moved the midpoint line. Now my line is no longer in the center of the box like I wanted it. So I had to "fix" the midpoint and then I could go back and change the length.


Not a huge deal but rather disappointing when you think about the simplicity of a midpoint line's function. That and it prevents me from sketching a line and typing a value and being done. Noooo, I have to sketch a line, go back and fix it, then I can set the value I want.


Why doesn't Solidworks know I'm making a midpoint line (after all, I clicked on it!!) and treat it like a regular line instead of adjusting the length around the, wait for it.... MID POINT?!?!?!