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Find - Then change - the scale of a diagram

Question asked by Alex Marshall on Jul 24, 2017

My background is in 3D art and graphics design rather than architecture\Engineering (Form over function, basically), so I don't understand many of the terms used on this forum, I only know the absolute basics of Draftsight, and may not be able to give any additional information without assistance.


I've been given a set architectural diagrams, and a copy of Draftsight, and I've been asked to make some modifications to them as I'm the only other person whose ever dealt with anything remotely "similar". Which I've just about managed to do.


I've also been asked to provide copies of the diagrams files in 2 different scales, and to add a scale bar to them. Which I'm 100% stuck on. I don't even know where to start. I don't even know how to find the current scale of the diagrams as I didn't draw it originally, let alone how to add a scale bar or to change the scale.


I need to convert the diagrams from whatever they currently are in to 1:1250 and 1:50 and then to create PDF files that I can send out.


The creator of the diagrams is unknown, and I have no additional documentation or note on them. The person who commissioned the diagrams is also unknown. I literally have a set of diagrams that were found on a computer, and which I have been asked to re-purpose.

Is there anybody (with lots of patience) who is able to assist me?