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    Best SolidWorks add ins for SW 2017

    Ryan Dayton 0599

      I am looking to increase my efficiency with modeling, drawing, and auditing solidworks parts. What are the best add ins for the 2017 version of solidworks that help you save time?

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          S. Casale

          2017 Best add-in: SolidWorks 2016 SP5.0 or 2018, but who knows...


          SW PDM

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            Dennis Dohogne

            Ryan, don't put the cart before the horse.  FIRST become a master of the basics before you even think about messing with the add-ins.  You are new to SWX and learning rapidly, but there are a few others on this forum that are pretty new to SWX and insist on doing things their way instead of learning from our experience and recommendations.  Those folks have only frustrated themselves and those of us trying (and since stopping) to give them help.


            So, here are my recommendations in the order you should do them.

            1, The built-in SWX tutorials are excellent.  All they cost is a little bit of time.  Do them several times each until the things they are telling you to do seem obvious.

            2. If possible take a SWX basics class from a VAR or from a community college.  (The VAR would be my preference.)  If you take this class after having mastered the lessons of the tutorials you will get even more out of the class and even be able to glean more advanced things than what they had planned to present.

            3. Practice by making parts described in technical drawings, such as a from a drafting textbook.

            4. YouTube is okay, but it is "buyer beware".  I'd recommend only bothering with YouTube lessons from credentialed sources such as from VARs or from SolidProfessor.  There are way too many videos out there from people trying to promote themselves as some kind of expert only to turn out they are hacks and often teaching bad habits.


            After you have mastered the basics, then and only then would it be appropriate to advance yourself by digging into the add-ins.