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    How to control the height of Break in a drawing?

    Chika Co

      I used Break tool for the cable.  This break tool cut off my other parts in the assembly.  I can't control the height of the Break cut.  Any tip is appreciated. 


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          John Pesaturo

          Chika, there is no way to prevent that. At least not that I've found, but there are a couple not so great workarounds.


          Essentially anything in the view that lines up with the "Break View" lines will be broken. There unfortunately is no way to exclude any parts from the break. In the past when I have had that situation the only ways I've gotten around it is to build my ISO View explode so that the geometry does not overlap in the X or Y Axis depending on which axis the break is needed. Additionally, you could use a different view (Top, Front or Side) rather than an Isometric to do the same type of thing where the parts do not overlap in the axis in question.


          Not the answer you're looking for I'm sure ... Good luck with it