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Yet another assembly color question

Question asked by Alan Hughes on Jul 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by Daljeet Singh

Ok, I've run across an odd one that I can duplicate on my system easily (Windows 7 w/ SW2016).   This started happening 2 or 3 months ago so I suspected it was a display driver issue but updating the drivers to the latest version didn't have any affect so I don't believe that's the problem


If I add a new configuration to the subassembly (new configurations, derived configurations, or exploded views), or add / delete a component in the subassembly all componenets and subassemblies in the parent assembly change to the Default Shading Color (Document Properties / Model Display / Shading) in the parent assembly.  If I look at the Appearance History in the parent assembly nothing has been added.  If I save, close, and reopen everything is back to the original colors. 


Here's an example.  The first image is the parent assembly.

Image 1.jpg

The red parts are a subassembly (all subassembly parts have had their colors individually set in the parent assembly).  I opened the Red subassembly (right clicked on it and open it).  I added a new configuration but didn't do anything else.  Saved and closed the sub-assembly and this is what I see when Solid Works goes back to the parent assembly:



I know all the parts are switching to the parent Default Shading Color because at this point I can go into the parent assembly properties and change this property and everything changes to the new color.




Again, if I save, close and reopen everything goes back to the original image colors.


Any ideas?