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    Sheetmetal vs. Machined tolerance in title block question

    Christopher Thompson

      My company has a common set of sheet formats (A,B,C, &D size) that we use for drawings. It has not varied per manufacturing process although that may need to change. Typically, we design sheet metal, injection-molded plastics, & machined parts. One of the problems I am encountering is that the angle tolerance for machined & injection-molded plastics needs to differ from that of sheet metal parts.


      SolidWorks Title Block tolerances.png


      We had a vendor indicate the +/- 1/2 degree was too tight for sheet metal, and needed a variance for forming the part to +/- 1 degree bend angle.


      I am wondering how other companies do this. For example, here are the tolerances we would need to use:

      Angles +/- 1/2 deg (machined / injection-molded)

      Angles +/- 1 deg (sheet metal)


      Do you have different title blocks for the method of manufacturing being used, or do you put all that information into one title block? Please show examples.