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How to obtain body identification information

Question asked by Gary Silva on Jul 24, 2017


First of all, please apologize about my poor english, I'm not a native english speaker.


I want to know if there is a number that identifies a part acording to it's shape.

Let me explain...


In a weldment part SolidWorks automatically groups parts that are exactly the same on their shapes, and creates a folder called Cut-List-Item1 and group other parts that are the same shape and creates Cut-List-Item2, in that case I know that the bodies in Cut-List-Item1 may have different length, volume, mass or width than the bodies in Cut-List-Item2, but in this example I create a part, then I make a simetric part from the first one, and they are different, I know they are different and SolidWorks knows they are different, because it groups each part in a different Cut-List-Folder, as they are different. This is correct, but if I get inside it's Cut-List custom properties, and I see all the information of the cut list item, I notice that thet have exactly the same information, same lenght, same widht, same weight, same volume, etc. (I'm talking about information that changes only with it's form, not with it´s position) so if I register this information in a DataBase, I will register exactly the same information for both solids, so they are the same part in my DataBase, but this is not true, so what I need is an information, that shows me that this two parts are different.


Does this information exist?

Is it possible to get that information with programing?