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SolidWorks RX

Question asked by 1-HIBB22 on Jan 9, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2009 by 1-HIBB22
SolidWorks RX is a very under utilized tool in the SW Community.

I wish people would get familiar with what it offers. Yes when it first came out it didn't have that many things that could help you other than when you needed to capture a problem and send it off to a VAR. (most users didn't even know it would do that)

However now in the Diagnostics TAB there is the video driver information, for those that do not know how to find it the old fashioned way. There is now even a link to the page where you can see if your driver is up to date. (1 of the top 3 problems people have with SolidWorks)

The other tab that I enjoy the most is "System Maintenance" where you can schedule for SolidWorks to perform a daily, weekly, monthly clean up of:

SW backup directory
SW Temp directories
Windows temp directory
temporary internet files
temp files in SW data folders
RUN checkdisk to check for disk errors

and finally, my fav... Run Windows Defrag on up to 2 Drives