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    not solid .ai file

    Mark Hanchett

      Not every graphic file creates problem for me. But next one .ai file created. Yesterday I opened Adobe Illustrator and .ai file viewed only a half of data, the rest was lost.

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          Bjorn Hulman

          From drawing? save as pdf.

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            Richard Martin

            There is one more trick is to use keyword phrase like this illustrator repair for search machine or apply manual guide below


            Check for a damaged pattern, gradient, or custom color

            To determine if the problem is caused by a damaged pattern, gradient, or custom color:

               1. Choose Edit > Select All and change the fill and stroke to process black.

               2. Perform task 4 again to determine whether the problem occurs in a new file that does not contain the patterns, gradients, or spot colors. If the problem does not recur, re-create the pattern, gradient, or spot color in the original file.