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Best practice for parts changing drawings (in any workflow state)?

Question asked by Robert Pickeral on Jul 21, 2017

I have a Solidworks user asking me this question:

"Is there a way to restrict a drawing from being edited unless all associated 3D parts for that drawing are in a specified workflow state?"

I believe I already know the answer.


An engineer noticed that changing a 3D part will change/update an associated drawing - when of course, the model is linked to the drawing - regardless of the drawing workflow state. And they're seeking a way to control this situation. I don't think this can be resolved programatically in PDM.


So the real question is: What's the best practice for controlling models when there are linked drawings? We need to avoid a part changing in a drawing without an engineer knowing it. Also, is there any revision correlation between the part and drawing? It doesn't seem logical that the part and drawing would keep the same revision. But I'm asking for suggestions. I hope I made sense! Thanks for reading. Any assistance is appreciated.