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Basic question about sheetmetal and sub boathull

Question asked by Martin Clemmensen Rotne on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2017 by Martin Clemmensen Rotne

Hi everyone


I'm designing a small AUV for a company and I'm a little stuck on the shell of the vessel...

The shell is gonna be made of PEHD sheets bend from forward to aft section like a carvel build boat, therefore I need the sheetmetal feauture flatten to make the cut drawings for the PEHD sheets.

The problem is I first made all the profiles and was then gonna drag splines from profile to profile in order to get the lines to make a lofted bend from. But the lofted bend doesn't take splines as input... any good inputs as how I can get around that issue or design in a smarter way??

I do not have much boat designing experience so I'm all ears :-)

I've included a couple of picture of my intentions, they are still most sketches...

Thanx guys



This is where my idea sprung from....

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