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    Approver is not notified after releasing file

    Hrishikesh Shirsikar

      We have workflow where Managers are approving file and sending them to Released state from Pending for approval. So we need to configure notifications in such a way that Manager should get notifications when he is releasing files. We have tried option "Only to last state modifier". But still not able to achieve this.


      Can anyone help me out in this?

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          Daljeet Singh

          Have you added the managers in recipients?


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            Tim Webb

            PDM is designed to NOT send notifications to the user who runs the transition where a notification is sent even if the user running the transition is in the group getting the notification. PDM assumes the user running the transition already knows about the transition (release) so it won't send them the notification.


            Consider using an automated task add-in to run the release transition like "Transition Time" (found here). Then you can automatically release all drawings in the pending release state at 3pm everyday using the Admin account and everyone gets the notifications. This email will be like a daily release broadcast because ALL drawings that get released that day were collected in one email.


            This will enhance your workflow significantly and stop the flood of email notifications.


            Hope this helps.