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Using design table to control circular pattern within individual parts in assembly!

Question asked by Seth Haddix on Jul 20, 2017
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Hello all,


I have two parts within an assembly. These two parts need a circular hole pattern that matches between the two.


My problem arises in using a design table to control the number of holes and size of the holes in this pattern. I am using a master set of assembly sketches to completely control the part parameters, but I don't know how to get a master sketch to control the circular pattern of each part.


I have tried making a sketch within each part that has a circular hole pattern, matching the assembly sketch. However, if I want to change the number of holes from my design table, it automatically changes the assembly sketch but the part sketches do not know to update to that master sketch (especially if the number of holes changes).


I've also tried using Hole Series, but I can't find a way to circular pattern the hole or update the number of holes. This does achieve a hole through both parts, however I just can't pattern it.