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Problems with the pinion and rack assembly

Question asked by Marcelo Valenzuela on Jul 20, 2017

Dear Friends:



I come to you with the purpose of requesting your help. I am trying to make an assembly of a rack and a pinion, by means of a belt and a synchronous pulley. First I insert the pulleys and align them. I set the distance based on the belt calculator and the pitch diameter is provided by the pulley data. I generate the matte strap chain and it works well. I then try to synchronize the pulley with the belt, using a matte rack and pinion. Here begins my headache. It happens that the pulleys remain static after the operation. And do not move and does not sync between the pinion and the rack. I have been trying to solve this problem for some time without good results. I hope you can help me because I could not by my means.



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Sorry for my translation problems