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FeatureExtrusion3 fails when added in loops

Question asked by Rahul Khande on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2017 by Nilesh Patel



I'm extruding my sketch in loops for example 4.
But after first iteration i.e. after extruding sketch at index 1, FeatureExtrusion3 fails.
Also I found that after FeatureExtrusion3 for 2nd iteration, my sketch gets disturbed.

Below is the code I used for extrusion.
swModelDocExt.SelectByID2("Sketch" + SketchIndex, "SKETCH", 0, 0, 0, true, 0, null, (int)swSelectOption_e.swSelectOptionDefault); // sketch index increments as per loops. initialized to 1 at start


Feature feature = swFeatureManager.FeatureExtrusion3(true,false,false,(int)swEndConditions_e.swEndCondThroughAll,

                (int)swEndConditions_e.swEndCondThroughAll,height * SWGlobalRenderer.InchtoCmMultiplier,height * SWGlobalRenderer.InchtoCmMultiplier,false,false,









Here is the snapshot of sketch:
Actually, I confirmed that my sketch profile is perfect as expected but it gets disturbed after extrusion of sketch1 as shown in image below.