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Will SW 2017 work with PDM workgroup 2016 sp5?

Question asked by Brad Huitt on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by Steve Rauenbuehler

We want to upgrade our Solidworks workstations to 2017 SP3, so we are upgrading our PDM Workgroup vault to the latest version, which the solidworks setup says the last version of PDM workgroups is 2016 SP5. 


Will Solidworks 2017 SP3 still work with PDM Workgroup 2016 SP5?  The website says that 2018 will not work with PDM workgroup, but there's no mention of 2017.  I've seen other posts that people will be upgrading PDM workgroup to 2017 but setup is not letting me do that.


Any insight to these questions is appreciated.