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    Will SW 2017 work with PDM workgroup 2016 sp5?

    Brad Huitt

      We want to upgrade our Solidworks workstations to 2017 SP3, so we are upgrading our PDM Workgroup vault to the latest version, which the solidworks setup says the last version of PDM workgroups is 2016 SP5. 


      Will Solidworks 2017 SP3 still work with PDM Workgroup 2016 SP5?  The website says that 2018 will not work with PDM workgroup, but there's no mention of 2017.  I've seen other posts that people will be upgrading PDM workgroup to 2017 but setup is not letting me do that.


      Any insight to these questions is appreciated.

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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Brad,

          The latest version of Workgroup PDM is 2017 SP3.0.  You would need to update the vault service for Workgroup PDM to that version if you intend to upgrade SOLIDWORKS to that version.  The server and client need to be on the same major version and service pack for WPDM to be able to function.  It just won't let you in otherwise (it will keep asking you to align their versions/service packs).


          So, in your case, you would want to make sure to get on the SOLIDWORKS Corp website and download 2017 SP3.0 to take to your server and do the upgrade.


          Workgroup is end of life and will not exist in versions beyond 2017.  So, if you are eventually going to move to 2018 and beyond you will need to look into transitioning your data out of Workgroup PDM and into something else (PDM Standard).

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              Anthony Delnegro

              We have Workgroup PDM 2015. I have heard there is a SQL update needed to run WG PDM 2017.  Is this true?  If not, is it a simple update to run 2017?

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                  Ryan Dark

                  Hi Anthony,

                  In all versions of Workgroup PDM there is no requirement for SQL.  Workgroup PDM doesn't build into SQL in any way and uses a simple folder/file structure to organize the PDM data.  The fact that it does not use SQL is why it does not scale very well as more data as added to the vault.  The replacement for it, PDM Standard, does use an SQL database but is fundamentally a different PDM system apart from Workgroup PDM.


                  If you are just upgrading to Workgroup PDM 2017 you won't need SQL.  Moving beyond 2017 into later software versions though you will need to migrate your data into another system.

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                Steve Rauenbuehler

                Our machine shop design office controls the Workgroup vault, and they have not upgraded any higher that Workgroup 2016 (not sure what SP). I can see the Vault just fine from my SW 2017 SP5, I just have "Workgroup 2016" checked in my Add-ins and leave "Workgroup 2017" un-checked.....