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Moving exploded view components into subassemblys

Question asked by Jim Steinmeyer on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by Jim Steinmeyer

Don't you love when management comes up with a new way of organizing structures to make their life easier and wants your models changed to reflect their ideas?


     In our feeder/mixer wagons we have a gear drive system where the sprockets and chains are now all purchased from one vendor In the past we have had all the components in the drive system in one assembly. The assembly drawings include exploded views to show how everything goes together for the shop and service personnel. I have now been requested to create a kit of all the sprockets and another one of all of the chains. No problem I think. Collect all of the sprockets, create sub-assembly, save as new external assembly and create drawing with BOM. Bam! Done in 15 min. No problems! Do the same with the chains and everything looks good....... Until I open the original assembly drawing to find none of the sprockets or chains exploded.

     I know I can edit the explode steps, and that I can check "select the sub-assembly parts" to move them individually. Please tell me that there is a better way than going in and editing each of the 60 steps to include the components that are now part of the sub-assemblies. I also have 3 more assemblies to do this with so there might be a couple of steps I could take ahead of time that would make this go better but I am not sure what they would be.


Thank you