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Plotting angular velocity of precession of the gyroscope

Question asked by Hafiz M. on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2017 by Francesco Rustichelli

Dear All,


I would like some help from this highly respected forums. I have been working to do a motion of a gyroscope and I believe my gyroscope have shown a correct behavior.

I intend to plot the graph of angular velocity of the spinning wheel (omega s) vs time and also angular velocity of the precession (omega p) vs time so that i can prove following theory. However I am not sure how to plot this graph from my model. From solidwork motion, in order to plot angular velocity i need to specify 'face' component of the gyroscope. But I am not really sure whether if i specify the face of the spinning wheel , it would yield the results of angular velocity of spinning wheel (omega s vs time) or the results of angular velocity of the precession (omega p vs time). I also attach my model for anyone that can help me on this. Thanks in advance for your help. and sorry for my bad english!