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Tracking down offending files

Question asked by Matt Juric on Jul 19, 2017

I have a rather large assembly with a bunch of sub assemblies that I packed. No matter what I do with the file I can't seem to get it to open when I'm not connected to the network from where the pack came from. I have looked at references, suppressed files, toolboxes etc etc and I can't find files that are hanging the assemblies up.


I've been working on one particular sub assy that I finally got to open in large assembly mode and went thru every file in it. I opened every part in the entire model and all opened fine and were local. I then closed it and tried to open the same file resolved and it starts looking for parts someplace else sometimes taking forever to load and sometimes not loading at all.


So is there a tool or method to figure what part/parts/cross reference etc is the offender?


Any help would be appreciated.